I began my journey in martial arts like many teenagers, involved in street fights. Later, I adopted a more structured approach through the TIOR in the French army for three years.

This experience led me to appreciate combat arts, and I pursued English boxing as a hobby with Gabriel MAPUKA, as well as Penchak Silat from the school of Frank ROPERS, to whom I still owe a certain form of protection.

I then discovered the Russian Systema, which was a true revelation in terms of principles conveyed, particularly in breathing, structure, movement, and of course, “non-tension.”

However, this school also offered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (JJB), allowing me to refine my ground skills.

After three years of studying in the same school, my instructor and club president, Jim MENTFAKH, suggested that I open a branch of the club in Annecy (High Savoy department) to promote the club’s ideas, encompassing Systema but also other disciplines such as English boxing, kickboxing, or other forms of defense that might be interesting in self-defense.

It was in this spirit that our president introduced us to Danilo ROSSI LAJOLO DI COSSANO and his knife-related method. Naturally, this was a very enriching discovery, as I then began apprenticeship to become an instructor of his method, which, in my opinion, is one of the most successful I know.

Indeed, I managed to integrate his method into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), particularly in the movements I practice and transmit to my students, proving useful in their cage fights.

Personally, I add that the study of the blade is a remarkable asset for combat in all its forms.

Currently, I teach grappling, MMA, freestyle wrestling, Systema, foot-fist, and, of course, the Lajolo method in Annecy, a role I have held since 2017.