Matteo Vallarsa was born in 1972.

He graduated in Engineering and Textile Design from I.T.I.S.V.E. M. – Marzotto Textile and Design School.

With a solid understanding of fabrics, fibers, products, finishes, and processes from a designer’s perspective, Matteo enjoys taking on new challenges and experiences to develop innovative products and stay ahead of the curve. He thrives on teamwork and achieving company objectives.

He believes that traveling is crucial to meet people, learn about different cultures, but it’s essential to know the situation and how to find solutions, especially when in a challenging position, particularly as foreigners in someone else’s country.

For this reason, in 2018, he started training with Maestro Danilo Lajolo, the world’s foremost expert in knife and self-defense, with experience in over 35 countries.

In 2022, he earned his diploma from the National Fencing Academy of Naples as an Instructor of the Knife System SIQMA-MCA.

This is a significant achievement for him, of which he is proud, and he looks forward to involving more people in sharing the Lajolo system.

This is his personal strategy for the future.