Mathieu CMELA was born in 1979.

He has worked in security in Paris, France, and security in Switzerland.

Since 2018, he has been practicing the Italian short fencing method of the LKFS-Lajolo Knife Fencing System.

In 2022, he graduated as an LKFS instructor and an LKFS razor instructor.

He has practiced Pencak Silat FISFO and Setia Hati Madiun methods since 2002, holding a black belt rank, and karate for 10 years.

He is available around Geneva within a 50 km radius for private lessons and seminars, and throughout France and Switzerland for courses and seminars after reviewing requests.

He speaks French, English, Italian, and German.

“If I were to give a metaphor for this method, it would be an iceberg: on the surface, it’s an essential, pragmatic, and down-to-earth style; it’s in the era of the times.

Below the surface, it’s very complex, with genuine research and exploration in biomechanics, strategic technique, cultural and historical research.

It’s a method to apply to oneself daily, both in the practice of personal defense and in one’s attitude and development.

Contemporary practitioners of this method are in the lineage of knights who respect not only an art of being but also an art of living and a savoir-faire where the maxim ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ takes on its full meaning.”