Marco Vianello was born on January 25, 1964, in Udine.

He has practiced various sports since childhood.

In his youth, he engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling for a few years before turning to the study of Shotokan karate, where he attained the rank of third dan black belt.

He worked for eight years as a security guard in various establishments in Friuli and Veneto.

For many years, he directed a gym recognized by the FIPE (Italian Weightlifting Federation) as an instructor.

For seven years, he conducted a self-defense course at the gym as an instructor

In 2012, he met Maestro Danilo Rossi and began practicing knife techniques, subsequently earning the title of Lajolo System Instructor.

Later, thanks to Maestro Danilo’s ongoing dissemination efforts, he, along with a few colleagues, had the opportunity to undergo and pass the exam to achieve the title of SIQMA-recognized (International Association of Weapon Masters) weapon instructor.

Holding a degree in political science and passionate about history, he promotes and teaches the art of the Italian knife as a comprehensive martial system valid and applicable in every context and condition. It is based not on the application of techniques but on the learning of principles that are always and instantly applicable.

He hopes to contribute to the dissemination of a distinctly Italian martial art that goes beyond blade study and encompasses all options, both armed and unarmed.

Marco Vianello has his own facility where he teaches once a week with private lessons and organizes seminars.