Do you want to protect your security?

Street Knife

Do you want to protect your security?

Street Knife

An intensive two-day course to master the art of the knife, learn strategies and methodologies of urban combat, even with improvised weapons.
Reserved for only 50 participants, in Florence, with Danilo Lajolo. For an authentic security.
The Lajolo Knife System is the only Italian method of personal security and attack with a knife recognized by the Italian State, the Academy of Fencing of Naples and the International School of Masters of Arms.
Its no course is just a way of protecting yourself and fighting but a complete lifestyle that makes it so unique!
— -Raffaele Romito
Are you ready to face danger?

Threats around the corner

It’s hard today to feel safe. Every day the news tells us of worrying episodes: fights, muggings, assaults in places we thought familiar, or moments when we realize that the threat is around the corner.

Danger often leaves a trail of unanswered questions: how would I react? Could I do something? Neither combat sports nor self-defense help, because they are inapplicable in real life. And the lack of knowledge about how to use everyday objects for self-defense is a significant limitation in critical situations.

At times like these, when there is no escape, the vital need to rely on resources that can make a difference.

How to get out
of a real critical

Street knife combat


If you want peace, fight
If you want peace, fight
The only way to get out of an attack safely is to master a practical method that prepares you physically and mentally.
Street Knife combat is a two-day full immersion course where you transform your perception and reaction to danger, from vulnerable to dominant.
Thanks to Lajolo Knife System:
You can learn

You learn a martial philosophy that values proactive attack rather than reactive defense, thanks to strategies and methodologies suitable for urban combat.

You can certify

You have an official certification: it is the only method with knife recognized by the Italian State, with certification accredited by the Academy of Fencing and the International School of Arms.


In just one weekend, revolutionize your approach to personal security by preparing yourself and your loved ones with real strategies.

Turn survival instinct into art
Join now the street knife combat course: there are only 50 seats!

Allows you to think quickly and effectively about the best plan of action in case of specific danger


It’s not just a matter of "strength": train your mind to react


The correct use of own and improper weapons in any situation, even extreme ones

Great master of knife and weapon with a deep knowledge of Italian culture and tradition. It brings you a practical and functional view of knife use.
— Matteo Vallarsa
After years and years of martial arts training with various instructors, including international ones, I happened to meet Master Danilo by pure chance. I believe that he stands out among prepared individuals not only in terms of gym techniques but also in being prepared for real-life situations. I recommend everyone to participate in at least one workshop.
— Alfonso Persico

Extraordinary hand-to-hand combat skills, zero dojos and controlled spaces…

—Arturo Zabala

The program

The program

A two-day weekend where you learn:
to use the right mindset to manage dangerous situations.
the basic techniques in his knife
debunking common myths about self-defense.
strategies and tactics suitable for urban combat
Proactive control is vital over passive defence.
how to use unconventional weapons in extreme situations.
Your Master


Italian Knife Master.

— Custodian of the LKS method with over 20 years of experience

I am Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano, Turin-born, descendant of the noble Lajolo family and master of arms of international fame, the only guardian of the traditional Italian heritage.

Since 1997 I have embarked on an exciting journey in the world of martial arts and blades and I have dedicated myself to the deepening of Italian regional traditions. The research led me to travel around Italy, learning from the greatest masters of the ancient schools of knife and traditional weapons.

I founded the World Calix Academy and devised the Lajolo Knife System, the only certified method of combat with the knife intended for professionals and civilians.

Secure one of the 50 seats in the course

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The knife is considered an improper weapon, and its carrying or possession is illegal unless one holds a weapons permit. That’s why during the course, replicas (hard plastic knives) are used for the practical part.
The course is exclusive, limited to only 50 participants, and is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the history, strategies, and knife combat techniques to protect themselves and respond safely in real-life situations.