I am Danilo Lajolo

I created a practical combat system for civilians and professionals recognized by the Italian State,

the Academy of Fencing of Naples and the International School of Masters of Arms, used in 14 countries around the world

master’s tale

I am Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano, Turin-born, descendant of the noble Lajolo family and master of arms of international fame, the only guardian of the traditional Italian heritage.

From an early age I embarked on an exciting journey into the world of martial arts and blades under the guidance of Count Clemente Lajolo, my uncle.

I dedicated myself to fencing and to the study of Italian martial arts and regional traditions.

The research, started in 1997, led me to travel to the regions of Italy, learning from the masters of the ancient schools of knife and traditional weapons.

I founded the World Calix Academy and devised the Lajolo Knife System, a knife fighting method, intended for professionals and civilians.

The master’s tale

From fencing to
martial arts

I have been practicing fencing since I was 6 years old and, over time, I have learned different martial disciplines, each with its own philosophy and technique.

Judo opened the door to discipline and respect; Karate taught me the importance of precision and inner strength, while Silatmi allowed me to explore martial arts such as dance and combat.

The Kali Arnis Escrima, on the other hand, was my initiation into the Philippine arms arts, a real deadly ballet that emphasizes the importance of movement and efficiency in situations of personal defense.


While I was still a young boy, I began studying regional arts throughout Italy. The “unconscious” milestone was the first time I went to Apulia. During this initial journey into the heart of Apulia, a land of sunshine and ancient traditions, I discovered and honed the martial art of the Apulian knife. The encounter with the “pizzichella,” a traditional Apulian combat dance, ignited a fervent enthusiasm within me. In this land of contrasts and passions, amidst the Taranta and ancient families, I find the spark that will guide me forever and has enriched my fighting style, teaching me speed, agility, and precision.


In Sicily, legend becomes reality. In its pulsating heart, immersed in a landscape where every corner tells of ancient codes of honor and challenges, I perfected the technique, infusing it with Sicilian intensity. Guided by a great Master, here I delve into local martial traditions, ones masked as sports but rooted in a much older and raw substrate. I travel from city to city, from Palermo to Syracuse, interviewing masters and discovering a world where respect and honor are unwritten rules of life. This has allowed me to absorb a blend of firmness, art, and survival, combined with historical martial heritage techniques that still endure.


The return to Apulia proved to be a crucial stage in my martial journey, a true cradle of inspiration where every knife movement became a reflection of Apulian culture and passion. From the south echoed the whispers of an untainted tradition, shrouded in carefully guarded mystery. Calabria, a land of sun and ancient codes of honor, becomes the crossroads of my martial path. Here, thanks to a master who shares fragments of ancient knowledge, I learn the wisdom of knife binding. In this region, I explored the depths of a practice intertwined with the courage of its people. Calabria not only sharpened my blade but also forged the heart of a true master.


In Campania, I engage with the ancient arts of local masters and learn the combat rhythm of ancient duelists. Here, martial art was expressed with “tataratà,” following the rhythmic sound of wooden objects, marking the fight much like the tarantella incites dancers. These combat masters show me how respect for tradition can coexist with a vibrant expression of martial art. Moving northward, the concepts of street fighting blend with classical fencing, and the science of Olympic swordplay is fueled by the fervor of battles past. Rome, with its last bullies, represents a living chapter of martial history and opens the doors to a world of hidden traditions that enrich my journey with a unique depth.


Upon my arrival in Lombardy, I discover ties to the ancient group of tercios, elite fencers who in history coined epic victories: I study their combat techniques, uncovering historical treaties, and meeting families that safeguard ancient martial arts. Here, the thrust opposes the cut, and families, keepers of secrets passed down through the centuries, are a precious ally in my research on knife and polearm combat. Finally, Piedmont brings me back to my roots. In my native region, I explore every form of popular combat; here, the art of fighting was based on simple yet effective tools, such as the sickle and the pumbarott. In these lands, I not only find the past, but also encounter my own family history, indissolubly linked to the art of combat since 1160 for over 22 generations: a story that now lives within me.

The birth of the Lajolo method and the academy

Starting with fencing, every art and every region I met helped form my technical arsenal, my character and my philosophy of life, laying the foundation for what I would become.

Now, after 23 years of state-recognized professionalism, I am the only holder of the System who teaches with the same dedication, all over the world and in my Academy. A system to be used in everyday life to allow people to protect themselves from real dangers in civil, military and paramilitary.

the Lajolo Knife System is used in 14 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, United States, Spain, England, Australia, Mexico, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland – and is recognized by the Italian State, from the Academy of Fencing of Naples and the International School of Masters of Arms, as the only Italian system of personal security and attack with knife.




01 Street Knife Combat

An intensive two-day course to master the art of the knife, learn strategies and methodologies of urban combat, even with improvised weapons.
02 Lajolo Academy
A path to become a certified knife expert and be effective in protecting and attacking during urban and military combat situations.

01 Street Knife Combat

A path to become a certified knife expert and be effective in protecting and attacking during urban and military combat situations.

02 Lajolo Academy

Un percorso per diventare un esperto di coltello certificato ed essere efficace nella protezione e nell’attacco durante le situazioni di combattimento urbano e militare.